Brighton Hov W vs Man United W


PreMatch Estimations for game:

Football match between Brighton Hov W and Man United W will be played on 2023-04-01. Current form for Brighton Hov W is DLLLD while away team Man United W form in last 5 matches is DWWLW . If we look at only their top 3 games on home field for Brighton Hov W and last 3 games away for Man United W we can see that home team home record is DLL while away team records in last three away matches is WWL.

If we look at both teams latest results we could easy see that this will be match with many goals.

As far as it goes for final score our estimation is that this match will finish with .

Last time both teams meet roles were opposite as Man United W team host Brighton Hov W on their home field last time. Last H2H ended with score 0 - 0.

Brighton Hov W vs Man United W game estimator